Vigor EmblemFind your vigor in life, and you will find victory.



Welcome to Vigor For Victory.


What’s our purpose? This is a philosophical question that has been posed since the dawn of man. And, of course, there isn’t any easy answer.


Man’s purpose in the modern age has become blurred. Amidst hyper-connectivity, more people paradoxically report a dismal sense of loss and isolation. Bombarded with information overload at speeds and quantities that would have been inconceivable a mere few decades ago, it’s now more important than ever to ask yourself how you can contribute to building something more.


What can you do to ensure a legacy that lives beyond you? What actions can you take to leave something behind that will serve as a positive influence to others and your community?


Before you can even begin to tackle these important questions, you must find your Vigor in life. Finding your Vigor is a long journey that requires immense self-reflection and profound analysis of much of the doctrine that you’ve accepted through years upon years of schooling and societal conditioning.


Once you’re able to break down those barriers, you’ll be better equipped to find a higher meaning than the one that you are expected to blindly follow and consume.


For several years, I was unfulfilled with my life. A lingering void would gnaw away at me, like a vulture chipping away at the carcass of his prey, regardless of what I did in attempting to fill it. I aimlessly wandered through existence and foolishly pursued superficial pleasure only to wake up more empty than before.


This website is a call to action: We must return to a time similar to one not long ago when men were empowered with a sense of Vigor in their lives.


We must move ourselves away from the countless distractions that are designed to weaken us both physically and intellectually.


We must embrace literature, philosophy, history, and all others forms of classical education to find our drive if we are not to continue down a road of perdition.


I’m here to help you find that Vigor.


Find your Vigor in life, and you will find Victory.