Vigor EmblemFind your vigor in life, and you will find victory.


I am a former foreign language teacher and currently work as a professional translator.  As a young man, I was always fascinated by the intricacies and nuances that came with studying the broader field of linguistics.


My undergrad and graduate years were spent honing my skills in various foreign languages. As anyone enamored by other languages knows, this insatiable thirst led me to live in several countries and dedicate a large portion of my existence to mastering what gave me Vigor in life.


After teaching in different academic settings for nearly a decade, I resigned from the classroom with the goal of building a life that would allow me to reach more people in an even more tangible way. As I alluded to in the Find Your Vigor section, modern man is drifting through murky waters. However, we mustn't despair at the task ahead of us.


The French philosopher and author, Albert Camus, who was known to be one of the more optimistic writers amongst his contemporaries, offers us the following reflection:


"Au milieu de l'hiver, j'ai découvert en moi un invisible été."


"In the midst of winter, I discovered that an invisible summer was inside of me."


Although we may arguably be at one of the most challenging points in history where men and traditional societal values are constantly under attack, the quote above speaks to our need to continue forward.  In the darkest of times, we often gain the most strength and fortitude to persevere by coming to know ourselves better.


Let this blog be an opportunity for all of us to engage in discussion and share our ideas so that the summer sunlight from within can prevail over the dark and overcast clouds of winter on the horizon.


-Bernard Rieux



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